Arlo has launched Arlo Ultra in 2018, and with that, the field of security cameras changed forever. Let’s dive into the details as to why you should have this camera installed in your house.

Impressive image quality

With a new 4K image sensor with HDR processing, Arlo Ultra is able to capture and deliver videos in 4K quality from the optics to the user. The resulting videos provide more detail and clarity while allowing zooms to highlight critical information, like, clothing, accessories and number plates of vehicles and other elements that could lead to the intruders easily. With a 180-degree panoramic field of view, Arlo Ultra offers one of the most important wide-angle vision in the wireless security camera market, allowing users more flexibility in the placement of their camera for monitoring their property and properties, or farms. What's more, Arlo Ultra incorporates powerful LED lighting, which splits at night to allow you to see the action in color instead of traditional night vision in black and white.

Arlo Ultra also raises the bar on the audio experience side by providing users with clear and natural conversations. This is how Arlo Ultra takes advantage of a dual-microphone system and a two-way audio circuit with excellent noise cancellation techniques that help reduce background noise and accentuate prominent audio such as voice.

“Arlo Ultra pushes the limits, both in terms of visual quality and audio quality, in an incredibly compact format. Honoring Arlo's legacy of ease of installation and use, Arlo Ultra is a huge leap forward in the surveillance and security market for the connected home. Senior VP of the company, Pat Collins has given a statement in which he said, "Our new flagship wireless camera is the culmination of major advances in video, audio, software, AI and artificial vision. Arlo Ultra is a complete solution for users who want the best protection for their home or business, as well as the most advanced experience to connect and exchange with their loved ones remotely for absolute peace of mind.”

Always as practical and simple to use

Arlo 4 is easy to install, as it doesn’t require cables. Moreover, its weather-resistant design allows it to be installed in open as well. The new magnetic mounting system allows users to easily mount their cameras on a ceiling, wall or ledge. Placing the camera on a table or work surface is also possible. Arlo Ultra embeds a new model of rechargeable battery accompanied by a charging cable that is both magnetic and tropicalized, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Arlo Ultra system is also equipped with a built-in siren that activates when motion or sound is detected, or manually remotely from the Arlo App for added protection.

Arlo Ultra comes with a new base called Arlo SmartHub, which connects, to the user's box in order to extend the Wi-Fi coverage available for Arlo cameras. It also manages the incoming and outgoing data flows between the cameras and the user's cloud account. Finally, devices connected to Arlo SmartHub will benefit from a more secure dedicated IoT network. Arlo SmartHub has a microSD card slot to locally store clips recorded from Arlo cameras.

Arlo Smart artificial intelligence at the service of security

In order to provide comfort and peace of mind to owners of an Arlo Ultra camera, the latter will be supplied with a one-year Arlo Smart Premier subscription. This service relies on powerful image analysis and artificial intelligence technologies to offer personalized notifications when people, animals or vehicles are detected. This enriched information provides subscribers with a means of rapid monitoring and decision-making in emergencies. Arlo Smart Premier allows video clips to be recorded in the cloud at a maximum resolution of 1080p and for a limit of 30 days 3. Premium video recording with 4K clips stored in the cloud is available via an additional subscription or via local storage, and at no additional cost, 4K clips via the microSD card reader of the Arlo SmartHub.

Arlo 4 has all the credentials to be an integral part of your house’s safety, but you need to make sure that the device has been properly set up. For that, you can consider taking help from Arlo help and support providers as well.For more information go to https Arlo Netgear Com.