Why Arlo Baby Camera Is Ideal For The Safety Of Your Child?

Placing a camera in the home is a difficult decision. More when the intention is to watch the little ones in the house. Therefore, when deciding to buy a baby camera, privacy and security are as important as the rest of its features.

A sophisticated baby surveillance camera under your guise

The first thing that catches the attention of the Arlo Baby is its appearance. As standard, we find a white-body camera with rabbit ears and green legs, made of rubber. These two pieces can be removed and replaced by others from different animals, which Arlo sells separately, in a clear attempt to blend the camera into a baby's room. But let's not be fooled by appearances: the Arlo Baby is a sophisticated surveillance camera.

The setup process is straightforward in theory, although in my case it took me over half an hour to complete. You must connect the camera to the power through its micro-USB cable, create an Arlo account, associate the camera and place it in an appropriate place.

You can immediately integrate it as an additional HomeKit accessory, which has all the advantages that this implies. Thus, you can ask Siri about the temperature, humidity or air quality in the room as well as see the broadcast from the Home app. In addition to being able to do automation and alerts. Unfortunately, the Arlo Baby is not compatible with HomeKit Secure Video. With this feature, iCloud users with 200GB or more contracted space can store up to 10 days of video without taking up anything.

After the initial configuration, you find a very sophisticated camera. Night vision will allow us to see the baby in black and white while sleeping. You can also choose the viewing angle between 90 and 130 degrees, as well as the resolution. The latter is important if the signal or your Wi-Fi network is not very powerful and you want to have retransmission as fast as possible.

Its integration with HomeKit allows users to consult Siri the temperature, humidity and air quality from anywhere

To the environmental sensors, you must add the microphone, speaker and motion sensor. With the first, you can listen to what is happening in the room, as well as receive sound alerts for when the baby makes noise. The speaker allows us to communicate through the app if you wish. And the motion sensor alerts us when it detects the baby moving. Both the microphone and the movement sensor have a sensitivity adjustment that you can modify to our liking, perfect to give parents peace of mind.

An app at the height of the hardware

It would be useless to have great hardware if the accompanying software falls short. This is not the case with the Arlo Baby. The iOS app is loaded with features, is fast and responds to the needs of this type of product. Navigation is divided into four sections:

  • Devices: where you can see the live broadcast of the video, as well as change the settings.
  • Library: All videos are saved here after one of the audio or motion alerts is activated. Arlo offers an encrypted video storage service, although it offers 7 days free.
  • Mode: To configure when or under what conditions surveillance should start.
  • Configuration: where you can find the rest of Arlo's settings.

Installing Arlo Baby Camera is very simple, but in case, you are unable to set it up in your baby’s room, then you get in touch with Arlo setup providers.For more information go to Arlo Base Station Setup.