Arlo is one of the live examples of technology relevant product since its invention. Arlo’s doorbell also consists of such similar features as of the normal security cameras presented by Arlo. However, we will today discuss in detail the Arlo doorbell. You will come to know what features does it possess along with this, you will get the reason why you should get Arlo doorbell in your home.

It has so much to offer its owner along with its natural function i.e. to answer the person on the door.  If you have it along with the Arlo security camera then, you probably don’t need anything else for your home. Let’s get to its details.

Your Arlo doorbell can be operated with the help of only one application none other than free Arlo application, which can be accessed on any smart device.

This application sends alerts on every single entry. The details of this feature are discussed below:

  • Mobile notification: These notifications will pop-up once a person has pushed the bell on your door. You will be notified of all the devices you have connected to the doorbell. Except that, it will also inform you whether your roommate or anybody else has answered the door.
  • Communicate with the visitor: Since you will be notified then, you can pass on the instructions to the person on the door. If there is another family member then, they can open the door on their own. However, if there is a guest on the door and you are in the backyard then, you can tell them to unlock the door and enter your premises. Similar is the case with a delivery man you can tell him to leave the parcel there with the help of your smart phone.
  • Vacant home: Now, there are times when you are out of home and no one is there to answer the door, in that case, the visitor can leave a message on your doorbell and once, you get back you will hear the message recorded by Arlo.
  • Replies to the visitor: Certainly, an individual is not always free while he is at home. He can be busy on a conference call with his colleagues or somebody else.  Such situations need no disturbance. Thus, the Arlo doorbell allows you to set up verbal replies in this case. You can choose any of the replies that come along with the application such as:
  1. Not interested
  2. I’m busy.
  3. We will be right there.
  4. Leave the package outside.

Thus, Arlo audio doorbell is a smart device with intelligent technology. Installing it will not really get big your pocket. You can think of it as a one-time investment.

Now, briefly telling you about its prominent features:

  1. Mobile notification:
  2. Easy setup
  3. Communicate with the visitor
  4. Comes along with all the necessary tools
  5. Record visitor messages
  6. A ‘do not disturb’ mode.
  7. Quick-response as replies to the person ondoors end.
  8. Compatible with Arlo application

For further information you can visit our website: Netgear Arlo Setup